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KoldBlox – optimization of Data Center

Proper airflow distribution is the key to provide cooling to ever increasing density of rack servers. Most Data Centers have 2-3 times more cooling capacity than they need for their server load, but failure to deliver enough cool air to rack intakes causes recirculation of hot air and overheating of servers. The result is that many data centers are overcooled just to manage a few hot spots.

To achieve a proper efficiency and to optimize cooling in DC, two things need to be eliminated - bypass airflow and mixing of hot and cold air in DC.
The amount of power that is required by typical rack server is in 100% converted to heat, which it generates. In typical rack server cabinet its value is 1,5 kW. However, according to the present trends, that promote Blade technology, the amount of heat estimated at the lead is almost 15 kW per cabinet.
If Data Center is not effectively cooled, such high temperatures will have a destructive influence on the natural environment. Additionally, it is a direct cause of the equipment breakdown in Data Center.

KoldBlox’s products and services are attractive for anyone who is aware of hot spots problems. Our products allow not only the reduction in the number of additional cooling units, but also increase Data Center „longevity”.

The cooling system of DC is crucial. It is possibly responsible for consuming over 40% of the power used. The right cooling in Data Center ensures greater efficiency, cost reduction and does not have a bad impact on natural environment.

KoldBlox offer products which support such positive activities like creating hot and cold aisle containment in Data Center. Thermal curtains, perforated floor tiles and Koldblox’s accessories regulate flow of hot and cold air, maximize cooling and reduce Data Center’s cost, according to GreenIT idea.
KoldBlox also offers technical support combined with education. They enhance Data Center performance without any additional costs.

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