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KoldBlox Thermal Shield- cold aisle containment curtains

Manufacturer: KoldBlox

Koldblox Curtain allows the containment of racks of any size along the cold or hot aisle. The curtain fits to any rack height and width and is easy to install especially in data centres that have grown over time with racks from different vendors. For companies who want to first test the efficiency of cold aisle containment the KoldBlox Curtain is ideal. With the CoolControl Curtain, Facility Managers and IT Managers can measure the actual savings and efficiency factors without placing strain on their budgets.


KoldBlox Thermal Shield Highlights:

  • cost-saving separation of the hot and the cold aisle (H/CAC)
  • compatible with all rack dimensions and vendors
  • prevents re-circulation of hot air into the cold aisle
  • up to 30% energy savings
  • increased server reliability
  • temperature difference between hot and cold aisle: up to 10° – 15°C
  • significant increase in cooling system efficiency
  • easily installed: in hours not in weeks
  • no downtime required for installation
  • ideal as test installation to measure cold aisle containment results


Product is compatible with GreenIT.

Kold Blox

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