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KoldBlox CHAC

Manufacturer: KoldBlox

KoldBlox Cold/Hot Aisle Containment is a non-intrusive, bespoke retrofit to Data Centres, whereby the cold aisle is contained to maximise cooling efficiency. By preventing the recirculation of air back to the CRAC units it significantly improves the efficiency of your building's cooling system and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

By creating a positive pressure in the cold aisle, air is directed straight into the servers, making them run more efficiently and reducing the risk of failure. Also, in the event of a total cooling shutdown, Cold/Hot Aisle Containment stops a heat outage for 35 minutes, giving you more time to react. Being able to regulate the airflow enables better control of the room's temperature. Increasing the temperature of CRAC units by 1°C, provides a typical saving in the region of 4% of cooling power bills. In addition, the chiller units will make greater use of natural air temperature (free cooling), further enhancing energy savings. 74% of server failures occur in the top third of the rack where the temperature is traditionally hotter. KoldBlox Cold Aisle Containment provides temperature equilibrium across all servers, no matter where they are positioned in the rack.


Main features:

  • retrofits to existing cabinets no matter what their height
  • light weight roof panels that are easily demounted for maintenance access to the top of a cabinet, the panels also have a high light transmission
  • tailor-made centre roof support bracket with a choice of fire protection options
  • release mechanism allows the release of the panels at 58°C to allow sprinklers to distribute water to the source of the combustion
  • gas fire protection system also available, where roof panels feature a rubber seal to prevent gas leakage
  • doors are self closing with the option to keep aisle entry at floor level clear of obstruction
  • top and bottom door guide system ensures smooth running while maintaining door rigidity when closed
  • cost effective solution without reduction in quality



  • cost savings of between 10% and 30% on current building cooling systems
  • power savings on room hardware (servers, switches, routers, etc.)
  • control of room temperatures, humidity, airflow and balancing
  • improved U-space utilisation
  • reduces the building's carbon emissions, improving eco friendly status


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Kold Blox

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