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GreenIT: environmentally-friendly solutions

Most of us are aware of the approaching energy crisis. The constant rise in energy costs forces companies to put more emphasis on optimizing their energy use. That is why, nowadays, there is an increasing interest in the strategies and informatic technologies which are efficient and safe to our surrounding natural environment.
Ecology is definitely gaining more attention in the IT field. The real value of these activities is beneficial not only to the environment but also for business. Green IT is not only an ideology but is also tightly related to real financial profits for the organization.

The Green IT activities related to ecology propagate the reduction in the unnecessary losses, which, in fact, mean pure savings. Investing in environment friendly solutions results in cost reduction and an efficiency increase by limiting the energy use and decreasing the costs related to the cooling of the Data Centers.  Therefore, companies gradually increase their budget spending on Green IT  -  informatic solutions which are safe for the natural environment. Their assets are mostly used for the replacement of old equipment for new, ecological ones, and for energy use monitoring.

Green IT